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Types of Digital Door Lock in Malaysia

The beauty of modern security technology lies in its seamless application, especially when it comes to keeping the doors and gates safely shut. As padlocks become a thing of the past, digital door lock Malaysia are gaining traction among homeowners and building owners.

Due to this, it has now changed the future of building technology and made it easier for people to use this modern security technology. Given the rise in smart home trend, this shouldn’t come as a surprise as digital door lock Malaysia are often used at hotels or newly built residences to keep its residents safe.

In one of our previous articles, we shared about digital door lock Malaysia and the benefits of incorporating them into your home. This time around, we’ll be sharing the different types of digital door lock Malaysia that we offer at Securelution.

1. Phillips Alpha Push Pull Digital Door Lock

The Phillips Alpha Push-Pull employs a fully automatic mortise, whereby the deadbolt will pop out after you shut the door. If the door isn’t properly shut, the mortise will sound the alarm to remind you of the door lock status. Along with multiple anti-theft technologies, you don’t have to worry about anyone picking on your door lock.

If any of the access options – fingerprint, PIN, and card – fail, the fake PIN code technology allows you to enter random number combinations if there’s a consecutive input of the real password. This will prevent peeping and safeguard your real password. Other feature includes the push and pull mechanism for a fast and easy door opening experience.

2. ADEL Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

The ADEL fingerprint digital door lock features a five-in-one access option – fingerprint, phone, PIN, RFID card, and mechanical key – giving you multiple ways to unlock your door. With anti-break security that locks the keypad if the wrong PIN is entered 5 times, your house is secured like no other.

With Bluetooth as the main communication mode of this digital door lock Malaysia, you must always have your phone with you to unlock the door. The best part about this lock is that you can limit the times of entry and duration of entry as well as monitor the unlocking record in real-time.

3. Phillips Digital Door Lock 7100 Series

The Phillips digital door lock 7100 series employs four proofs mortise which enhances your home security. The four functions – anti-prying, anti-dismantling, anti-sawing, and anti-collision – making it extremely durable and can withstand high temperatures such as fire.

When someone opens the lock through the mechanical keyhole, the key unlock alarm feature will sound the alarm to effectively prevent violent damage and technical lock picking. Additionally, the semiconductor fingerprint sensor prevents fake fingerprints or fingerprint films from unlocking the door as it works by way of human skin temperature, etc.

4. Yale Digital Door Lock YMG30 Push-Pull

The Yale YMG30 digital door lock can be unlocked in three ways – fingerprint, PIN, and mechanical key. In case of an emergency, the mechanical key can be used to override the locking mechanism. With a voice guide and operation status feature, you’ll know when someone unlocks the door through different number alignment.

Should anyone attempt to damage this digital door lock or force the door open, an 80dB alarm will go off, alerting everyone nearby while damaging the hearing of the burglar. Like the first type of digital door lock Malaysia, this door lock incorporates a fake PIN code technology to prevent the real PIN code from being exposed.

5. Metalware Digital Door Lock MW-730

The Metalware MW-730 digital door lock features a five-in-one access option – fingerprint, phone, PIN, RFID card, and mechanical key – making it ideal for use at home and office, serviced apartments, boutique hotels, self-storage spaces, and warehouses. With Euro-style deadlocking mortise, this door lock is extremely difficult to pick or tamper with.

With Bluetooth as the main communication mode of this digital door lock Malaysia, you must always have your phone with you to unlock the door. The registration system can store up to 50 RFID cards and 100 fingerprints, providing ease of access to high traffic areas like an office entrance.

6. Loghome Digital Door Lock LH300S

The Loghome LH300S digital door lock is currently the most popular among homeowners. Given the full locking system with multiple functions that allow access via RFID cards and PIN code, you can use a single card to unlock the door.

With a built-in fire detection sensor/alarm, this digital door lock Malaysia can open/close manually in case of fire or other emergencies. The dual-locking function works to prevent the door from opening automatically even though the right password is entered. With a master number function, the registered PIN/RFID cannot be altered without the master number.

These are just some of the door locks that we offer. If you’re looking for a different type of digital door lock in Malaysia or you’re facing some problems with your door lock, Securelution has a team of trained 24 hour locksmith kl to resolve your lock problems. Contact us at 014-3622302 or visit our store at 6, Medan Imbi, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur to find out more about our security products.

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Freedom Nyiam
Freedom Nyiam
Dec 08, 2023

nice lock


Locksmith Near Me installed those digital door locks in my office. Door locks work great and offer great security preventing burglars and thefts also.


There are many varieties of locks available in the market, always contact advanced and licensed locksmith experts for the installation of innovative locks at genuine cost.

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