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Should You Get A Mortise Lock Malaysia in Year 2021?

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Why mortise lock set is better for your residential area? Find out the reasons and ways to install it with Securelution, the best mortise lock Malaysia supplier for the year 2021.

When it comes to improving the security of your doors, be it your house or office doors, upgrading the locks is one of your top priorities. That’s because the door is everyone’s preferred point of entry including burglars.

The classic lock and key set may have worked in the past but today, there's a new type of lock set known as the mortise lock set - made available by major mortise lock Malaysia supplier such as Securelution.

You may be wondering, "What's a mortise lock set?" Well, it's a type of lock set whereby the lock requires a pocket – the mortise – to be cut into the edge of the door in which the lock is to be fitted.

The mortise lock set is commonly used in residential and commercial security settings due to its intricate design and function – concealed and to some degree protected by the exterior and interior faces of the door. Here's what you need to know about the lock set.

The working mechanism of a mortise lock set

The lock set needs to fit neatly into the mortise (pocket) made in the door frame to operate correctly. As it relies on the strength of the door frame, a mortise lock set is far more secure than the classic cylindrical locks.

There are four parts to the lock:

1. Lock body – fitted within the door and controls the opening and closing of the bolt when you turn the key.

2. Lock trim – varies based on the owner’s preferences and can range from lever pulls to handles or knobs.

3. Strike plate – the metal lining for the hole within the door frame to strengthen and prevent any tearing of the wood.

4. Keyed cylinder – operates the locking mechanism.

If there's been an increase in criminal activities in your neighbourhood, chances are that you need to upgrade your door locks with a mortise lock set. You can get one from mortise lock Malaysia supplier. However, you may want to consider the quality of your door and door frame before installing one. Here's how you can install a mortise lock set.

How to install a mortise lock set?

Compared to the cylindrical lock, the mortise lock set is more difficult to install. Precision is crucial in installing the lock as anything less than that may cause your door to look awful and the lock may malfunction. As a mortise lock Malaysia supplier, we’re sharing the installation process one step at a time.

1. Prepare your door and mark lock position

Before you install the mortise lock set, make sure the door stays steady. You can put a wedge under the door to prevent it from moving. Once you've done that, mark the position of every component of the lock set on your door. Remember to be precise in marking the various positions.

2. Drill and chisel the keyhole

When you drill the keyhole, be very careful and pay attention to the markings. You don’t want to end up damaging your door during the drilling process. If the keyhole is smaller than you expect, use a chisel to enlarge it. Be sure to make the hole in the right size when you chisel.

3. Drill and chisel the recess

Create the recess by drilling several holes on the door side from top to bottom. This is to create a slot for the lock receiver. Be sure to drive the drill parallel to the side of the door so that you can set the lock straight into the hole. Chisel the recess to remove excess timber and debris while enlarging the hole.

4. Insert the lock and secure the faceplate

Once you’re done with the drilling and chiselling, you can insert the lock until you see the faceplate on the edge of the door. To secure the faceplate, screw it slow