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Safety Box: CHUBB Safety Box That Makes You Wonder

In this article, we explore one of the safety box series offered by Securelution – the CHUBB Safety Box Collection.

In one of our previous articles, we’ve shared the importance of having a safety box at home, business premises, or offices to safeguard valuable documents or things from theft or disasters. It’s also a form of investment, considering that it functions as a permanent or temporary space with impenetrable security.

That said, Securelution offers many types of safety box such as CHUBB Safety Box Collection as we understand that the truest form of security is the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest without worry. As one of the world’s best known and preferred lock brands, we combine the latest technologies and materials with centuries of experience to create safes that can meet even the most demanding requirements.

1. CHUBB Fire Resistant Cabinet 5200 Series

Designed like a filing cabinet, this safe box protects any paper-based documents in the event of a fire. Tested and certified to the Underwriters Laboratories test standard UL 72 Class 350 (Fire Endurance Test), this safe box has an overall thickness of 57mm, insulated with Chubbsafes patented PCDE fire-resistant material.

Meanwhile, the drawers have an overall thickness of 56mm with similar proofing material as the body. Each drawer is suspended on full extension rails with bearings for durability and ease of use. The locking system for this safety box comes in two variants – central locking and individual locking, making it the ideal safety box for personal or shared use.

2. CHUBB Opal Safety Box Series

Available in two sizes, this safety box is the smaller version of a safety box. Given its compact size, the CHUBB Opal safe is ideal for storing essential documents such as property deeds, wills, contracts, insurance policies, and more. This safe box has been tested and certified by two of the world’s leading fire testing bodies – SP of Sweden and UL of Chicago, USA.

With an overall thickness of 50mm (body) and 60mm (door), this safety box comprises an inner and outer steel body containing specially formulated fire-resistant solid barrier material. Also, this safety box comes with a choice of two lock options – cylinder lock with a secure flat profile key and a user-friendly programmable electronic lock. An anchoring kit is supplied to prevent unauthorised removal of the safe.

3. CHUBB Viper Safety Box Series

Designed for personal use, this fire rated CHUBB Viper safety box series combines fire and burglary protection in one safe. With dual-based fixing holes, this safety box is supplied with two concrete anchor bolts, making it the ideal safe to keep cash and valuable items as well as passports, title deeds, and other important documents at home or the office.

Available in four different sizes, from the 36- to 91-litre capacity, you’ll certainly find one that fits your home. Additionally, every variant of this safety box series is fitted with a standard EN 1300 certified electronic lock. The safe door is also secured using the new revolutionary “V” bolt system which helps to maintain its solidness when under physical attack or during a fire.

4. CHUBB Naomi Safety Box Series (Wooden Design)

Unlike its predecessors, the CHUBB Naomi wooden design safety box series is more stylish in terms of the door design. You can even disguise it as a side table in your home office. Designed to safeguard limited amounts of cash and valuable items, the door of this safety box is secured by 3 moving front bolts and 2 fixed bolts at the back edge of the door.

This safety box is also fitted with a secure touchscreen electronic lock and built-in alarm that activates when there’s a movement or tilting of the safe. It has a lockout feature that produces a quick beep sound for about 3 minutes if there are 5 unauthorized attempts to open the safe.

Operating mainly on 4 “AA” batteries, it has a micro-USB 2.0 port to power the lock when the battery is low. Also, the locking system is enabled with 2 user codes whereby one can be used as an emergency override code.

CHUBB safety box collection is one of a kind, given its fire-resistant properties that are tested and certified by international qualifying bodies.

If you’re looking for a good quality safe box, Securelution offers a variety of safety boxes, ranging from Yale to CHUBB safety box, and more. To find out more about our CHUBB safety box collection, you can contact us at 014-3622302 or visit our physical store located at 6, Medan Imbi, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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