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Digital Lock Malaysia By Securelution Locksmith Service Malaysia

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

In this article, we’ll explore how digital door lock works, the features of digital locks, the safety level of digital locks, and discover some of the common types of digital lock Malaysia offered by Securelution - the best locksmith service Malaysia in year 2021!

With technology at the forefront of our everyday lives, it's no surprise that many prefer digital locks to the classic, conventional lockset for their homes, offices, or business premises. It's convenient and reduces the need to carry a physical key. Besides, it can add an extra level of security and automation features like remote locking or unlocking.

How do digital door locks work?

Digital locks offered by locksmith service Malaysia company like us are like your conventional door lock in terms of their locking mechanism. However, they differ in terms of unlocking. To unlock a conventional door lock, you need to have the right key. Digital lock Malaysia, on the other hand, make use of biometrics, passcodes, security tokens or even Bluetooth technology to unlock the door.

From the mechanical point of view, digital lock Malaysia have parts known as actuators, which connect the bolt or the cylinder to a small motor completely buried with the door or frame itself. Controlled by an electrical impulse, the motor may be triggered in numerous ways – an electronic card reader, keypad, or a wireless remote control sensor.

With that, digital lock Malaysia offered by locksmith service Malaysia company like us are configured to trigger the motor-driven actuator only when it receives the correct electronic input. This makes it far more convenient as you don’t have to carry a physical key around, and you can worry less as you can lock or unlock your door remotely.

Features of digital lock Malaysia

Aside from using technology as the unlocking mechanism, digital locks offered by locksmith service Malaysia company like us offer additional security features such as:

How safe are digital lock Malaysia?

Digital locks offered by locksmith service Malaysia company like us are safe to a certain extent. Like a regular lock, it can be hacked by intruders. In the event of a power outage, digital locks require a backup key to be unlocked, which may be exploited by intruders to force their way into the property.

However, with the right digital lock Malaysia from Securelution, the best locksmith service Malaysia, you can worry less about the intrusion.

Common types of digital lock Malaysia

As mentioned earlier, digital locks offered by locksmith service Malaysia company like us make use of biometrics, passcodes, security tokens, and Bluetooth technology to unlock the door. This gives rise to different types of digital locks such as the biometric digital lock, magnetic card digital lock, password digital lock, and smart digital lock.

1. Biometric digital lock

Using biometric data such as your fingerprint, palm or iris scan, biometric digital locks are considered one of the safest and convenient locking device for households and offices. Designed with a biometric reader on the lock, this digital lock is capable of storing and comparing the biometric data of the user.

2. Password digital lock

Password locks have been used for a long time, especially on electronic devices such as your smartphones and laptop. With developments in the IT industry, password digital locks are becoming more advanced with integrated authentication methods such as fingerprints or cards to better address security issues and provide flexible unlocking options for users.

3. Magnetic card digital lock

This is the most common type of digital lock today offered by locksmith service Malaysia company like us. Using smart card technology, magnetic card digital lock helps users to access many other services available on the same card. Take the hotel room card as an example. It allows hotel occupants to use the card to access the elevator, gym, swimming pool, etc.

4. Smart digital lock Malaysia

As the name suggests, a smart digital lock offered by locksmith service Malaysia company like us typically makes use of a combination of the above technology as the locking mechanism. It provides the most convenient way of unlocking the door while maintaining the security of the property.

While digital locks provide greater access control for homeowners and business owners alike, it's a good practise changing the passcode regularly to enhance the security of your property. Depending on the model of your digital lock Malaysia, you may also have to change the battery to ensure its continued efficacy.

If you’re looking to install digital locks at your home or office, Securelution has a trained, dedicated team of locksmith service Malaysia along with a wide variety of digital locks in Malaysia for you to choose from.

Apart from providing locksmith service Malaysia, you can also visit our physical store located at Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur to find out more about our security products. Should you require security advice for your property, our team of trained and dedicated experts will gladly help you. Contact us at 014-3622302 or visit our store at 6, Medan Imbi, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
12 ene 2023

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