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Guide to Emergency Locksmith Service for Malaysians in 2021

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Need emergency locksmith service immediately? Have you ever forgotten your keys at home and found yourself locked out of the house at the end of the day? For most Malaysians, this is a common scenario that happens from time to time due to the daily work rush.

Another scenario could be that you lost your keys or your grill door lock malfunctions, leading to immediate security issues. In times like these, you’d hope for a quick emergency locksmith service to resolve your worries and security problems.

Locksmiths are essentially people who make and repair locks. They are experts in what they do and are often up for a situation that calls for emergency locksmith services. That aside, they can also change your locks based on your needs and preferences.

Moving forward, we’ll discuss the importance of emergency locksmith service in Malaysia along with the reasons why you need their services.

Importance of Emergency Locksmith Service

Similar to medical services that provide 24-hour emergency responses to people in need, an emergency locksmith service provider tend to people who need instant security solutions, be it for their home or office. They have the same licensing and certifications to provide you with the best service possible.

1. Round the clock service

As the name suggests, an emergency locksmith service provider is available 24/7 to help you resolve lock-related problems. This matters a lot, especially if you lost your keys or left them inside the house or even locked yourself out of your car, leaving you stranded outside. If you don’t want to risk security issues, best to find an emergency locksmith service around you.

2. Skills and tools

High-level security locking systems are generally designed to deter intrusion and theft. However, it requires specific skills and knowledge to fix and service the locking system should it malfunction someday. Thus, you need an emergency locksmith service provider who will handle the locks using the right tools and techniques.

3. Quick response time

Fast response time is crucial in any emergency, including those involving locks and keys. Hiring an emergency locksmith service will assure that your key or lock problems will be resolved as quickly as possible in the hands of a professional. Besides, an emergency locksmith will fix your lock without causing further damage to your locking system.

Now that you’ve learned about the importance of emergency locksmith services, it’s time to understand why their services are crucial to most Malaysians in need.

Reasons for Requiring Emergency Locksmith Service

There are many reasons for requiring emergency locksmith service in Malaysia. The following is a list of the reasons:

1. Damaged locks

Imagine being stuck in a situation whereby you need to shut your office and you find that the locks are damaged. You can’t just leave all your valuables unguarded. Instead of choosing to stay the night in the office, you can contact an emergency locksmith service provider to help you deal with the situation.

2. Locked out of house or car

Many people suffer from this situation whenever they’re in a rush, leaving them stranded outside the house or car for hours until someone comes and resolve their plight. Hiring an emergency locksmith service will instead save your time and effort as you can rely on their skills and expertise to resolve your unfortunate predicament.

3. Lock replacement

There are times when you need to replace the locks to enhance your security system. However, in the case of a burglary, the next immediate thing to do it to replace the locks. Doing it yourself may not be the best move, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals to help do the replacement.

4. Recoding keypad lock

With the dawn of smart homes, homeowners now choose to adopt electronic locks instead of the conventional key-lock system. The same goes for business offices. But, it’s also possible to be locked out by the electronic lock due to technical issues such as low battery or loss of internet connection. Hiring the right locksmith will then resolve your lock issues.

If you need an emergency locksmith service, Securelution has a trained, dedicated team of locksmiths to resolve your lock problems, be it conventional or digital lock. Contact us at 014-3622302 or visit our store at 6, Medan Imbi, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur to find out more about our security products.

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Locksmith should be proffesional and trained to work with keys and locks. We always need that type of locksmith who is certified and also work at affordable price.


The rate of crime is increasing day by day, If you have cash or jewelry in your home, always contact reputed and trusted locksmith for installation of innovative locks, which are tough and durable as compared to other locks.

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