Stainless steel auxiliary deadlatching mini bolt

Stainless steel face plate 

Standard oval cylinder

Locking bar

Stainless steel lockcase


Stainless steel strike plate

Internal chasis

standard 60mm backset

Stainless steel anti friction latch

A mortise lock is one that requires a cavity on the edge of the door, and a handle outside & inside that operate the lock. Mortise also provides a total locking solution, offering lock at various security level to ensure optimum safety

Type Of Mortise Lock

Italy Entrance Mortise

Spain Entrance 4 bolt Mortise

Germany Sliding Mortise

American Mortise lock

Japan Narrow Mortise

Anti Panic Mortise

Italy Deadlock Mortsie

Italy Roller Mortise

Germany Hock Lock Mortise

Australlia mortise

Multipoint Security

With the launch of the TLP range of multipoint locks for levers, TESA created in the 80’s the template for future security locks. Since then, there have been multiple innovations such as antisaw locking bolts, corner piece locks, anti drill escutcheons, improving what already was one of the most complete ranges in the European security market. But things have changed and now it’s time to take another quantum leap towards big-time security with the PLUS and PREMIUM ranges.


- Circular roller bolts in the main lock.

  (Ø14mm. diameter).

- Plane edge roller bolts in auxiliary locks.

- Mechanisms protected in galvanised steel

   closed cases.

- Floor & Top Jamb locking bolts in hardened

  steel (TLB5). - Steel made Floor & Top Jamb

  strikes. Floor strike includes dust proof lid.

- “U” profile steel faceplate provides great

   strength and is ideal for Fire Doors. -

  Auxiliary locks mechanisms provided with

  anti-return system.

- Standard height is 2030mm (minimum

  height 1875). 2300mm height is also


- Standard faceplate has a 20x10mm. profile.

- Included escutcheon E700L.

3 Point multilock (ss)

3 Point multilock (PB)

5 Point multilock (PB)

5 Point multilock (SS)

5 Point multilock (PB)

5 Point Roller multilock (ss)


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