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Should you get a digital door lock?

As technology changes the way we behave, it’s no surprise that it has also changed the way we secure our house. You see, the beauty of technology lies in the way it makes our lives more convenient, from ordering dinner to unlocking our door.

Gone are the days where you have to rely on the classic metal padlock to keep your doors and gates safely shut.

For some of us, the traditional padlock may have been easier to use, given that we grew up as technology evolves. But, the growing concerns of its vulnerability has caused us to opt for another type of door lock which is fancier and more advanced – digital door lock.

Nowadays, digital door locks are steadily gaining popularity among global homeowners as they reap the benefits of owning and installing one.

Although digital door locks are still new among Malaysian homeowners, the rising smart home trend and growing demand for advanced security solutions may spur its popularity. If you’re thinking of changing your door lock, read on to learn more about digital door lock.

What are digital door locks?

Digital door locks are similar to regular locks in terms of the locking mechanism. Its main difference lies in the way you unlock the door.

Normally, you’ll need the right key to unlock your door, but digital locks make use of technology such as biometrics, passcodes, and security tokens.

Some digital door locks also use Bluetooth or NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to give you the ease of convenience over time. Which means you can simply unlock your door using your smartphone or a key card.

Now, if you’re looking to up the security system of your house, digital door locks may just be the perfect addition to your home. Ahead, we’re sharing several benefits of using a digital door lock which may give you a reason to replace your house’s regular lock.

Benefits of digital door locks

Keyless entry

Surely you’ve heard of this term ‘keyless entry’ before, as it’s often promoted by automotive sales representatives. If you own a car that uses a keyless entry, you’ll know how easy it is to unlock and lock your car without having to take out your keys.

Likewise, digital door locks reduce the need to rely on physical keys to lock and unlock your door. Besides, you can easily enter your house with just your passcode, biometrics, or a security token.

It’s a great feeling knowing that you no longer need to dig into your pockets or bags for the right set of house keys. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about losing your keys and hiring a locksmith to open your door.

Improved security features

Unlike regular locks which are easy targets for burglars to pick or bump, digital door locks are pick-proof as there’s no place to insert the key. That way, you needn’t worry about people breaking your door lock and entering your house for criminal purposes.

Additionally, digital door locks are very tough to break. Depending on the type of smart lock you choose, some may have additional security features such as an alarm that sets off on your phone if there’s an attempted break-in.

Besides, you don’t have to duplicate your keys as you can simply assign a specific passcode for your family members or people who intend to enter your house (only with your permission).

Ideal for homestays or Airbnb

If you rent out your property like an Airbnb or homestay, you can easily set the passcode for your digital door lock and send it over to your tenant. That reduces the need for you to physically present the house key.

Moreover, digital door locks come in a range of colour that appear smart yet stylish, giving your home a futuristic appearance.

There’s also two sides of a coin and in this case, the digital door lock. While it provides ease of use, convenience, and improved security to your home, digital door locks can be costly when it comes to maintaining them.

First off, it can be pricy to get a reliable and sturdy smart door lock. Although some smart door locks come with instructions for self-installation, it’s best to get the professionals to help install your digital door lock. If the lock isn’t installed properly, some security features may not work.

You should also know that most digital door locks rely on a power source like electricity or batteries to function. Depends on the type or model of smart lock you choose, some may have a backup power source so that you can still enter your house.

Not every digital door lock is suitable for all kinds of doors. If you’re looking to install one at home, make sure you consult a professional service provider like Securelution.

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Digital Door locks are very strong and durable. These security door locks are generally installed on the door exteriors, especially on the front doors. In simpler terms, it can be said that these locks are used for protecting homes from possible threats such as burglars. Contact Locksmith Honolulu experts for the installation of the latest and unique digital locks at a reasonable cost.


Digital locks works on power so you need to think about it before asking a locksmith to install these smart digital locks.

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