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Safe box series

We’ve been looking after people’s homes and their favorite things for over the years. We understand that the truest form of security is the freedom to enjoy living life to the full, without worry. Our Safe Collection has been designed to provide just that. As one of the world’s best known, and preferred, leading lock brands we follow our mission to help consumers live more carefree lives. So we have combined the latest technologies and materials with centuries of experience to create safes that meet the most demanding requirements.

Yale Safe Box Collection

yale lock

The world's favorite lock since 1841

yale fire safebox yfm/420/fg2


Size Availability:

308 x 410 x 342 (26 Kg)

410 x 350 x 433 (36 Kg)

514 x 404 x 440 (53 Kg)

420 x 352 x 224 (43 Kg)

yale certified safebox ysm/250/eg1


Size Availability:

250 x 350 x 300 (16 Kg)

200 x 480 x 350 (19 Kg)

400 x 350 x 340 (23 Kg)

520 x 350 x 360 (29 Kg)

yale premium safebox series


Size Availability:

200 x 350 x 200 (9 Kg)

250 x 350 x 300 (12 Kg)

400 x 350 x 340 (17 Kg)

200 x 480 x 350 (14 Kg)

yale guest safebox ysv/390/db1


Size Availability:

170 x 230 x 170 (3.6 Kg)

200 x 310 x 200 (5 Kg)

250 x 350 x 250 (8 Kg)

200 x 430 x 350 (9.4 Kg)

390 X 350 X 360 (14KG)

APS Safe Box Collection

Treasuring Your Freedom


aps safebox home sries

Size Availability:

388(H) x 512(W) x 465(D) 145Kg

565(H) x 480(W) x 517(D) 220Kg

660(H) x 480(W) x 517(D) 235Kg


aps safebox fire safe sries

Size Availability:
516(H) x 512(W) x 465(D) 180Kg
789(H) x 480(W) x 517(D) 280Kg
1024(H) x 618(W) x 660(D) 700Kg


aps safebox night deposit safe

Size Availability:
516(H) x 512(W) x 465(D) 180Kg
789(H) x 480(W) x 517(D) 280Kg
1024(H) x 618(W) x 660(D) 700Kg


aps safebox conceal series
APS safebox


aps safebox commercial sries

Size Availability:
660(H) x 570(W) x 580(D) 451Kg
880(H) x 618(W) x 660(D) 608Kg
1085(H) x 695(W) x 735(D) 800Kg


aps safebox banker series

Size Availability:
712(H) x 610(W) x 660 (D)500 Kg
890(H) x 686(W) x 737(D)720 Kg 
1092(H) x 762(W) x 870(D) 990 Kg


CHUBB Safe Box Collection

You Value It, We Protect It

CHUBB safe make security part of your daily life. Secure your cash and valuables in your home or small office: Senator from Chubbsafes is a range of compact, certified safes providing dual protection against burglary and fire. Security standards and certifications. Chubbsafes uses independent test institutes that are among the most experienced bodies to ensure that the testing and certification processes are carried out correctly by a trusted and credible organisation. Maintianence the Chubbsafes distribution partners offer a maintenance service that provides the flexibility to choose those services that best meet your needs. Safes and vaults undergo tough independent tests which certify them for a certain level of burglary resistance. This level of resistance is given in Grades starting at 0 and, climbing to VI for safes and XIII for vaults. Safes and vaults are awarded a Grade for burglary resistance. The grading system is particularly important for insurance reasons, as the contents of a safe will only be insured for the correct value if the safe carries the appropriate grade. To grade a safe, a test must be carried out by an accredited institute. A combination of factors is taken into account including the size and effectiveness of the attack tool or tools used, the time taken and the skill of the person trying to break into the safe. It is not just the temperatures you have to worry about – would your safe survive falling through several floors into a raging fire? With the structural damage a fire inflicts on a building, it’s likely to happen. That’s why fire safes are also subjected to a Fire Impact test. This shows that the safe will still protect its contents in a severe structural fire.

safety box combination mechanical lock
Safety Box digital keypad lock


Digital Keypad

-Ease of use 

-Ease of setting

-Higher Flexibility

-Avoid lockout even no battery,

  because battery compartment

  is at outside

LUCELL Safe Box Collection

lucell safe

Rethinking the concept of Luxury safe






lucell safebox LUC1
lucell safebox luc6


lucell safebox luc2


lucell safebox luc7
lucell safebox luc3
lucell safebox luc8
lucell safebox luc4
lucell safebox luc9




lucell safebox luc5
lucell safebox luc10


lucell safe size
lucell safebox leather
lucell safebox wooden
lucell safebox metallic
lucell safebox wooden

wooden P1

wooden P2



Beauty has ultimate security

Hotel Key

Mini Safe Box Collection (Hotel Safety Box)

adel digital lock

In the today living, people are more focus on convenience and security living environment. We are here to carter the needs for the people, from home user to commercial user, including hotel and office. 

By using the Adel fingerprint safe, your password won't be disclosed to others while you opening or closing your safe box. Locking or opening the safe is very easy and secure just to place your fingerprint on the optical sensor.

Digital Mini Safety Box

(Hotel Safe)

Digital Mini Safety Box (Hotel Safe) Adel Safety Box

420W x 370D x 200H (11.5Kg)

Fingerprint Mini Safety Box

(Hotel Safe)

Fingerprint Mini Safety Box (Hotel Safe) Adel Safety Box

370W x 300D x 180H (7.3Kg)

Top Opening Safety Box (Drawer Top Opening Safe) Adel Safety Box

Top Opening Safety Box

(Drawer Safe)

400W x 350D x 150H (11.5Kg)


Julius Schuler


STORY (Handmade Made Safety Box)

Many people may think that antique safe are relics of the past, but what if you inherited one from your grand father? Well, help in on hand to restore it to its former glory. The safe is adorned with a cast-iron crown of floral decoration flanked by twin trophies on either side mounted atop. Corinthian columns. The newly restored interior is designed to emulate the hand painted tromped I'oeil finish of the interior. 

The maker name plate reads: Fabrik Julius Schuler Hamburg & Ottensen but the key inscription is the world Geldschrank. Literally money cabinet. To own the Julius Schuler safe is to own a piece of Teutotic history. As they say nowadays they don't make 'em like that anymore. Hamburg developed as a cultural and commercial metropolis while the industrial revolution gathered pace. Manufacturing thrived, and with it grew the famous Julius Schuler Fabrik, renowned strongbox and lock makers. They used their ingenuity to create combination locking system of the highest calibre. To locacte one of these ancient wonder today is a find indeed.

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