Door Accessories 

Door Stopper Series

Door Guard Series

Window Fitting Series

Surface Bolt Series

Flush Bolt 

Door Hinges Series

Door Closer Series

Door Stopper Series

Magnetic Door Stopper (SS)

Brass Megnetic Door Holder (SS/PB)

Magnetic Door Stopper/Holder  (SS/GLD/UMB)

Foot Step Door Stopper (SN/AC/Ab/PB)

Magnetic Door Stopper (SS/AB/AC/PB)

Stainless Steel Magnectic Door Stopper


Stainless Steel Door Stopper (SS)

Half Moon Door Stopper (SS/AB/PB)

Brass Door Bumper


Dicast Magnetic Door Stopper (SN/PB/AB/AC)

Brass Antique Magnetic Door Stopper (AB/AC)

Hold/Unhold Stopper (SS/PB/AB)

Door Guard Series

Security Bolt with Door Chain PB/AC

Solid Brass Door Guard PB/AB/AC

Door Viewer PB/AB/AC/SN

Padlock Protection Cover BLK/SN

Aluminium Door Guardian SN/AB/PB

Stainless Steel Door Bolt SS/PB/AB

Hidden Door Chain

Brass Fastener Latch PB/AB/SN

Hidden Security Bolt PB/AB/AC

Stainless Steel Toilet Bolt

Door Chain PB

Cup Handle

Window Fitting Series

Brass Window Hook SN/PB/AB

Adjustable Window Stay SN/AB/PB/AC

Brass Window Stay SN/PB/AB

Brass Eyedrop SN/PB/AB

Brass Window Fastener

Brass Window Fastener PB/SN/AB

Brass Fanlight Catch PB/AB/SN

Decorative Solid Brass Fastener Hook

Fastener Latch SS/AB/AC

Doric Push Lock BLK/WHT/SS/CHOC

Brass Security Fastener SN/AB/PB

Stainless Steel Door Bolt SS/PB/AB

Surface Bolt Series

J Type Surface Bolt PB

Stainless Steel Spring Surfacebolt SS

Solide Brass Surafce Bolt SN/AB/AC

Dicast Surface Bolt AB/AC

Stainless Steel Surface Bolt SS/AB

Solide Bras Surface Bolt PB

Stainless Steel Bolt PB/AB/AC

Brass Square Bolt SS/AB

Surface Bolt


Tower Bolt Templer PB

Toilet Bolt 


Stainless Steel Surface Bolt SS

Flush bolt

High Security Flush Bolt

- Did not destroy wooden door inner part structure

- Strengthen door security level, especially for

  double leaf door

- Enhance door appearance

- Door height can support up to 11 feet - Minimum

  door thickness 38mm

Normal Flush Bolt

-Destroy wooden door inner part structure

-Weaken door security level, especially for double

  leaf door

-Affect door appearance

-Limited to door height -Quality not reliable

Door hinges Series

Class Brass Hinges

Class Brass Hinges

Antique Hinges

Brass Hinges

Brass Hinges

6' Brass Hinges 

6mm Thickness

5' Brass Hinges 

4mm Thickness

4' Brass Hinges 

4mm Thickness

Brass Conceal Hinges

Dicast Conceal Hinges

Parliament Brass Hinges

One Leaf Crank Hinges

Rising Hinges

Bifold Hinges

Spring Hinges

Cowboy Hinges

Flag Hinges

Door Closer Series

ATENA (Slide Arm, Parallel Arm, Scissor Arm)

Safety that begins when door open

DORMA (Slide Arm, Parallel Arm, Scissor Arm)

Closing Force 2-4

Closing Force 2-4

Closing Force 2-4

Closing Force 2-4

Closing Force 2-4

Closing Force 2-4

Our Door Closer range offers solutions for controlled closing of any kind of door, be it made of wood, aluminium, steel or glass, and of course, Fire Doors. Regardless the door material, dimensions or weight, this catalogue offers a wide scope of solutions for each need, from the entrance door to an catalogue. Door closer apartment building to very specific applications like the access to surgery areas in a hospital, corridors and rooms in a Hotel or outstanding doors in museums or historic buildings. If you could not find a solution for your specific need in the our closer range, it simply does not exist.

Conceal Door Closer (TESA, DORMA, ATENA)

Closing Force 2-4

Closing Force 3-4

Closing Force 2-3


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