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Door Handle Malaysia Tips: How to Maintain Door Handle?

When it comes to interior makeovers, the door is often overlooked for having played a small part, along with its accessories such as the lockset and door handle Malaysia. However, these trivial items play a vital role in keeping your space safe as well as enhance the interior.

The door handle, as the name suggests, is something that you hold on to in order to open or shut the door. It’s also the very first item that any entrant develops a touch with, be it at home, office, or business premises.

While it may be one of the few items that are small in size, door handles pose a great significance to any interior décor. A simple change in this décor item can go a long way in working wonders to enhance the interior outlook of a space.

Types of Door Handle Malaysia

There are two types of door handles – one with the locking mechanism, also known as privacy sets, and without the locking mechanism known as passage sets.

With a range of door handle Malaysia to choose from, it's important that you understand which set of door handles will suit your doors before purchasing them. Here’s a list of some door handles available in Malaysia:

How to Maintain Your Door Handles

The door handle Malaysia isn’t something that you want to replace regularly. For this very reason, it’s important to maintain your door handles, be it on the main door or room door, so that they can stand the test of time. The following is a guide as to how you can maintain your door handles.

#1 Check the material

Most door handle Malaysia are manufactured from metal, most commonly brass, bronze, aluminium, stainless steel, and alloy. Because of the difference in metal composition, each of these materials requires different ways of cleaning. Hence, the material of your door handles will determine how they should be cleaned. So, it’s best to establish this information before you start cleaning them.

#2 Clean your door handles

Your door handles don’t have many moving parts compared to the lockset, but they have one thing in common – small, rotating parts working in unison with one another. To keep dirt or debris from damaging the small parts, it’s advisable to use a damp cloth to clean your door handles regularly. Also, make sure to wipe them dry after the cleaning to ensure that no moisture collects on the surface of your handles.

#3 Polish your door handles

As part of the regular maintenance regime, you should buff your door handles using a dry polishing cloth. Never use an abrasive cloth as this can cause unsightly scratches to your door handles. Also, avoid using chemical cleaners as this can damage the surface of your door handle Malaysia. Make it a habit to polish your door handles and it’ll appear as new as you first installed it.

#4 Dry surface moisture

When moisture appears on the surface of your door handles, you must wipe the surface dry using a soft, dry cloth. This is especially important in areas of high condensation such as the kitchen and bathroom. If moisture is left to settle on the surface of your door handles, it can cause the surface to rust over time.

#5 Remove surface rust

Should there be rusts or stains on your door handles, use a non-scratching cleaner or polish to remove them. After that, clean the surface using a soft, damp cloth to remove the debris and dry the door handles to preserve the finish. That way, you’ll have a clean and rust-free door handle Malaysia for years or even decades.

If you’re looking to install or replace your door handles, Securelution has a team of trained locksmiths kl to help with the installation. Contact us at 014-3622302 or visit our store at 6, Medan Imbi, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur to find out more about our security products.

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Freedom Nyiam
Freedom Nyiam
Dec 06, 2023

good service


Freedom Nyiam
Freedom Nyiam
Dec 06, 2023

great service


Call a locksmith and they can handle it with care.

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