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Yale Safety Box Malaysia: Everything About Safe Box Malaysia

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

In this article, we'll be covering eveything you need to know about safe box Malaysia and the ever reliable Yale safety box Malaysia. Other than Yale safety box Malaysia, we also have other brand choices as well at the bottom of this article!

A safe box is essentially a box with secure, lockable features for securing valuables against theft and/or damage. It’s usually a hollow cuboid or cylinder with one side hinged to a door. Depending on the safe box Malaysia manufacturer, the body and door may be cast from metal or plastic through blow-moulding.

There are many types of safe box Malaysia available on the market. The more secure version is either built into a wall or structure while some are movable. These types of safes are often found in houses, offices, financial institutions, and hotel rooms. Meanwhile, the less secure and removable version is called the cash box – only suitable for keeping petty cash.

Moving forward, we’ll discuss the importance of having a safe along with some tips to choose the right safe box Malaysia for your property.

Importance of Safe Box Malaysia

Securing your valuables against theft and/or damage is of utmost importance. With a sturdy and reliable safe box, you can worry less about the possible threats to your valuables. Here are the reasons to own a safe box:

1. Protection against theft

The main reason you should own a safe is to protect your valuables against theft. With growing security concerns in Malaysia, safe boxes can prevent theft as you can grant access to authorised persons. Thus, you will know who has access and who doesn’t.

Besides, securing your important documents in a locked drawer is simply not safe as it can be forced open either by picking the lock or with a crowbar. Thanks to its complicated locking system, safe boxes are theft-resistant, making them hard to tamper with.

2. Protection from disaster

Aside from protecting your valuables against theft, a safe box Malaysia can protect vital documents from unforeseen disasters such as fire and flood. That’s because safe boxes are made from heavy and sturdy material (metal) that can withstand extreme environmental condition.

Additionally, it’s better to prepare for the unexpected than to be caught off guard when something happens. You may have insurance to protect your properties in the case of an accident but who’s going to protect your documents? Hence, having a safe minimises the risk of damaged or lost documents.

3. Monetary investment

When you buy a safe box, consider it as a long-term investment for securing your valuables. Placing your valuables in places that you deem secure from prying hands can be risky as you’re more likely to forget where you hid your valuables. This will result in lost time in your attempt to recover your valuables.

Instead of doing that, investing in safe boxes which are essentially made of heavy and sturdy material will giving you peace of mind and security in the long run. Besides, you can either choose to grant access to authorised persons or keep access to yourself.

Tips for Choosing the Right Safe Box Malaysia

Now that you've learned about the importance of having a safe, it's time to know how to choose the right safe box. Generally, safe boxes are available with different specifications and features to suit different security purposes. Here are fours factors to consider when choosing one.

1. Size

The size of your safe box depends on what you’ll be keeping in it. Before you get one, make sure to obtain the dimensions of the safe and consider the size of the items that you’ll be keeping in the safe. That way, you can have a rough estimate of how much space your items will take up. The same goes for business owners.

2. Protection level

Your main purpose in buying a safe box is to protect your valuables from harm's way, which includes natural and man-made disaster. Depending on what you're keeping in the safe, the protection level varies. If you run a jewellery business, you’ll need a safe that can provide high levels of protection. Thus, it’s best to understand the protection level that a safe can offer.

3. Cost

Oftentimes, when it comes to determining the value or quality of some items, you'll hear people say, "You get what you pay for". Simply put, a more expensive safe will have better features and security. However, this depends on what you need the safe box for as you may not need the best safe box available on the market. Consider your budget when choosing one.

4. Lock type

Different types of safe have a different locking mechanism. Again, you'll need to consider what you'll be using the safe for. A combination of locking mechanism allows for high-level protection of your valuables while a single locking mechanism like key safe and electronic code safe allows for simple and secure use of the safe.

Safe boxes generally provide enhanced security and peace of mind for many people looking to protect their valuables. If you're looking for a good quality safe box, check out the safe box collection available on Securelution as they offer APS Safety Box and Yale Safety Box Malaysia. For more information on Yale Safety Box Malaysia, click here now!

You can also visit our physical store located at Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur to find out more about our security products other than Yale Safety Box Malaysia. Should you require security advice for your property, our team of trained and dedicated experts will gladly help you. Contact us at 014-3622302 or visit our store at 6, Medan Imbi, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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