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Yale Digital Fire Rated Safe Box (Kuala Lumpur)

At Yale we’ve been looking after people’s homes and their favourite things for over two hundred years. We understand that the truest form of security is the freedom to enjoy living life to the full, without worry. The New Yale Safe Collection has been designed to provide just that. As one of the world’s best known, and preferred, leading lock brands we follow our mission to help consumers live more carefree lives. So we have combined the latest technologies and materials with centuries of experience to create safes that meet the most demanding requirements has been designed with your peace of mind in focus. The entire range has been built and thoroughly tested to withstand intense heat and humidity, resist attack, leaving you the knowledge that your most precious documents are in good hands. Two types of highly resistant safe-boxes guarantee a high level of protection and fire resistance. The Yale Fire Safe for Documents protects your passports and all precious paper documents. The Yale Data Fire Safe contains an additional “safe within a safe” insulation layer. This protects extra sensitive digital data, whether they are on an external hard-drive, on CD ROMs, DVDs or tapes. All Yale Fire Safes are thorougly tested, both in our internal labs and with independent external testing institutes to

withstand extreme temperatures and humidity. A fire test is performed in a furnace where the safe is brought up to a temperature of 927 degrees celsius simulating the extreme temperatures that occur under a house fire. The Yale Fire Safes are built with the latest technology in fire insulation which gives excellent protection and allows more room for your valuables inside your safe due to the thinner wall thickness. You open your safe using a code you choose yourself, so it’s easier to

remember and it’s just as easy to re-set. When you enter your secret user code, the motorised bolts withdraw and the door opens automatically. To override the electronic lock, the safe can always be opened through the high-security six lever lock with a double-bitted high security Yale

key. The key hole is concealed behind the Yale logo badge.

Kindly visit our website to find out more security products and please do not hesitate to contact us for further clarification.

We have physical store which is located at Jalan Imbi Kuala Lumpur. We warmly welcome you to visit our showroom to find out more security products. We will give some security advise for your house.

6, Medan Imbi,

Off Jalan Imbi,

55100 Kuala Lumpur.

P/H: 014-3622302


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