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How You Should Choose Your Door Handle in Malaysia

For many, the door handle is the least of their design concerns as it functions for you to close and open the door. With the recent technological advancement, there are more types of door handles and the mechanisms differ between each type of door handle. Depending on the door’s function, it’ll have a different type of door handle Malaysia to go with it.

Given that the design industry knows no boundaries, it's no surprise if you have a hard time choosing the suitable door handle Malaysia for your property. In Malaysia, there are at least five types of door handles that you can find in the market – lever latch, pull handle, lock, digital lock, and privacy lever. Ahead is some information on the different type of door handle.

Types of door handles

Door handles vary based on their usage and appearance. While it may seem like an easy task to choose your door handle, there are some things that you need to consider such as the aesthetic value of the door handle. The following are five types of door handles available in Malaysia.

1. Lever latch door handle

As one of the simplest door handles available, the lever latch mechanism keeps the door shut at all times. This type usually has an elongated handle with the latch mechanism operating when you push the handle down.

2. Door pull handle

This type of door handle typically doesn't have a built-in locking mechanism, making it the ideal handle for doors that are designed to open and shut. They're often found in hotels or restaurants for ease of access.

3. Lock door handle

This type of door handle functions to keep a room or building secure due to the availability of a locking mechanism. The door can be opened freely when unlocked or securely closed when necessary.

4. Digital lock door handle

Digital locks shouldn't be considered a type of door handle but a type of door lock. What makes it different is its locking mechanism, which can be paired with different types of door handle. Some even have their unique handles with built-in keypads.

5. Privacy lever door handle

This type of door handle has a similar function to the lock door handle. However, a locking mechanism is built into the handle, which can only be unlocked from the outside using a key. Typically found on bedroom and bathroom doors as it provides security and privacy from the inside.

When it comes to choosing the door handles for your home, there are some factors that you need to consider before you begin the installation process. That said, a suitable door handle will not only serve a specific purpose but will also accentuate the design theme of your home.

Three factors to consider when choosing a door handle

1. Visual appearance

Consider the overall theme of your home and take into account your door design. That way, you’ll have a clear idea of which type of door handle to look for. Also, consider the door handle designs throughout your house. Will you keep it uniform throughout or select different handle for each door?

2. Functionality

Once you have a clear idea of the door handle designs for your home, you need to determine the door's function. For bedrooms and bathrooms, consider the privacy lever door handle while for decorative doors, consider using the lever latch door handle. As for your entryways, go with the digital lock or the normal lock door handle.

3. Door setup

Depending on your preferences, the thickness of the doors in your home may vary to fit the room function. You’ll want a door handle which can be fitted to your door while fulfilling its purpose. Take the front door as an example. If you have extra thick front doors, a normal door setup may not be suitable. Instead, look for a suitable installation kit or better, hire professional locksmiths like Securelution to help you with it.

With over 40 years of experience in the locksmith industry, Securelution offers a wide range of locksmith services along with quality door handles in Malaysia.

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