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Fingerprint Smart Lock/ Kaba Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

Switzerland Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

Kaba has a rich heritage in access solutions with products renowned for quality and innovation. Our next-generation electronic door lock products include electronic door locks for glass doors, auxiliary surface-mounting locks, European standard motor electronic locks.

Kaba EF680 Card Mortise Digital Door Lock

  • RFID Card (up to 100 user cards)

  • Digital touchpad design

  • Touch capcitive type sensor

  • Easy registration of password and fingerprints

  • Enhanced security with scramble code features

  • Secure & durable European type lockcase with automatic locking function

  • Anti-panic system on exit

  • Free access or privacy mode selection

  • Break-in and damage alarm

  • Wrong try lock-out delay

  • Voice guide with volume control

  • External 9V battery terminal for emergency use

  • Emergency key override

  • Low battery power alert

Kindly visit our website to find out more security products. Please contact us for further clarification (014-3622302)

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