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Door Lock Malaysia Tips: Choosing the Right Padlock in Malaysia

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to securing your home or office from danger? That’s right – padlocks (door lock Malaysia or padlock Malaysia etc). Although newer technologies have changed the way we secure personal or public properties, padlocks are generally the go-to solution for many Malaysians.

That said, padlocks (door lock Malaysia or padlock Malaysia) are essentially portable locks with a shackle that is passed through an opening to prevent malicious activities such as theft, vandalism or harm from happening on any of your properties.

Other than using padlocks (door lock Malaysia or padlock Malaysia) to protect your properties, it can also be used in different places and are available in a variety of designs and materials. Nonetheless, it's important to have a good padlock for your home.

Ahead, we’ll discuss how padlocks (door lock Malaysia or padlock Malaysia) work along with the importance of having a padlock and some tips to choosing the right padlock in Malaysia.

How do padlocks work?

Conventional padlocks typically work with a simple turn of the key and clip to lock. While this is the basic movement required to operate a simple padlock, the workings inside which control the padlock’s function are far more complex.

You see, a padlock consists of three components – the lock body, a shackle, and a locking mechanism. It’s the locking mechanism that is at the heart of the padlock. When it comes to the inside of a padlock, there are two sets of metal pins, upper and lower, running down into the cylinder, locking it in place.

The metal pins come together and lock the cylinder in place until the right key is inserted to unlock the padlock. Only the right key can push all the upper pins out of the way, allowing the padlock to open.

Importance of a Padlock

The primary purpose of a padlock (door lock Malaysia or padlock Malaysia) is to secure things and people. You will want your home to feel safe as it's a haven for you and your family. Same goes to offices. You will want all your things to remain in place so that you and your colleagues can effectively perform your roles.

That said, it’s a two-way street as on one hand, you want peace of mind knowing that your house or office has been safely secured. And on the other, you have peace of mind knowing that you’ve taken the proper steps to prevent anyone from harming your family or business operations.

For this very reason, you need to invest in a good padlock to keep your home or business safe and secure should you prefer to have a physical key rather than relying on digital locks. Here are some tips for you to choose the right padlock (door lock Malaysia or padlock Malaysia).

1. Consider the value of assets being protected

Oftentimes, choosing a padlock is based on the value of assets being protected. It determines the level of security that a padlock can provide which depends on a variety of criteria such as the material of the body and shackle, padlock size, shackle securing mechanism, and the lock.

Generally, the larger the padlock (door lock Malaysia or padlock Malaysia), the more secure it is as it provides greater resistance against force and sawing. Same goes to the material used for the body and shackle, you’ll want the hardest material to date such as stainless steel. Having a good securing mechanism also plays a role in preventing attempts to open the padlock by force.

2. Measure the inside space of the ring

Before purchasing your padlocks (door lock Malaysia or padlock Malaysia), it’s best to measure the inside space of the ring for optimum security. If the mounting space doesn’t suit your padlock requirement, you can always replace the padlock with a better one or install a hasp to achieve the padlock shackle thickness you need.

3. Ensure that the shackle is long enough

In terms of length, padlocks (door lock Malaysia or padlock Malaysia) either have a shackle that’s short, long, extra-long or with adjustable length to suit every need. Similar to measuring the inside space of the ring, it’ll be wise to consider whether your padlock can be reached easily and opened with ease. Besides, padlocks with long shackles can also be a good option in tight spaces.

4. Evaluate the type of padlock

There are many types of padlocks padlocks (door lock Malaysia or padlock Malaysia) available on the market. Some are keyed to differ which means the padlock can only be opened with the keys supplied, while some padlocks are keyed alike whereby a single key can be used to open or close different padlocks.

For master keyed padlocks, it’s often used in an installation or building where numerous padlocks are needed and when an access hierarchy systems need to be created. This means a master key can open all the padlocks (door lock Malaysia or padlock Malaysia) in the system while certain keys can only open its designated padlock.

Padlocks generally give people peace of mind and afford them security as hardened steel can provide maximum resistance against physical attacks. If you’re looking for good quality door lock in Malaysia such as padlocks, check out the ones available at Securelution as they offer a variety of padlocks in Malaysia.

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Robert Wilton
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