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All You Need to Know About Door Closer Malaysia

Do you ever notice how some doors, especially in public spaces, has a door closer fixed in place? Essentially, it’s a device that closes a door in a controlled manner, preventing it from slamming after someone opens the door either manually or mechanically.

You see, the force used to open the door is stored in the device’s spring. Once the energy is released, it returns the door to a closed position without causing any damage to the door. This adds a level of control to the door’s safety and security.

Ahead, we’re sharing several functions of a door closer.

Functions of a door closer

Door closers serve various functions as they close and latch doors in a controlled manner. They prevent damage to your property, save fingers from injury, and as a fire prevention measure. Eventually, it works to add a level of security and safety to your home or commercial space.

1. Ensures closure of fire doors

Fire doors should be kept completely closed at all times. During a fire emergency, the door with a fire rating will allow you to exit the property safely while keeping the smoke and fire at bay. If there’s no door closer or the door closer malfunctions, it can lead to an unsafe escape route, loss of life, and damage to your property.

Should the door closer fails to close completely, it’s a sign of compromise which can be due to defects in the door and door frame, or a faulty mechanism in the door closer. Note that fire doors are often located near pressurised stairwells. If the door can’t close against unexpected air pressures, it’s time to replace the door closer such as Dorma Door Closer.

2. Prevent doors from slamming

The mechanism of a door closer ensures that the door closes in a controlled manner without it slamming into the door frame. Its damper feature maintains the force and speed of door closure at a certain level to prevent injury.

You see, door closers prevent injury to small children and differently-abled persons who can’t withstand the weight of heavy doors. Same goes to those who have to move heavy cargo. By delaying the speed of the door closure, door closers can prevent injury and promote accessibility.

3. Control the swinging of doors

Most door closers come with a backcheck function to prevent doors from opening too fast, either by slowing or stopping the door during its opening swing. Note that the open swing of doors can be dangerous when it’s uncontrolled, be it in the presence of nature (strong winds) or people (strong swings).

A door that's been swung open can damage the door, door frame, adjacent walls, and other property when it hits the opposing wall and any objects in the way. Not only that, but it can also injure anyone who's standing near the doorway.

4. Enhances security

Door closers can add another level of security to your property as it securely closes a door after you pass through it. That way, your door won’t be left open for strangers and reduces your concern about leaving the premises open to thieves or unauthorised persons.

Types of door closer in Malaysia

While door closers serve similar functions, there’s a range of door closers available in the Malaysian market. The best door closer will depend on your security needs, preferences, and budget.

In general, there are six types of door closer – overhead, concealed, slide arm, transom, electromagnetic, and floor spring.

1. Overhead door closers are by far the most popular and offer a wide range of options and specifications.

2. Concealed door closers are mortised into the door, making them less visible and less vulnerable to vandalism.

3. Slide arm door closer offers an efficient linear closing force and is suitable in schools and hospitals.

4. Transom is a concealed door closer that is fitted above the door frame rather than to the door.

5. Electromagnetic door closers can be connected to the building’s electronic fire and security system.

6. Floor spring door closers are fitted into the floor on the hinge side of the door and are commonly used for glass doors.

If you’re looking to enhance the security of your property, reduce the door slamming, and control the swinging of your office doors, Securelution offers a few series of door closers – ATENA, Concealed and DORMA Door Closer.

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