Smart Lock/ St Guchi DDL


Product Description:-

Brand: St. Guchi

Model: SGDL-TC60MB Digital Door Lock With Card & Password Access

Door Thickness: 40-50mm

Finishing of Product: Matt Black

Power Supply:

Voltage DC 6V - 1.5V AA Size Alkaline Battery 4 Pcs

Emergency Battery DC 9V - Alkaline Battery

Pin Number: 3-19 Digit


No. of pin registration: 1

No. RFID Card Registration: 30

Heat Sensor: 60 +/- 10

Material: AI, Zn, ABS

Accessories Included:

RFID Card: 2pcs

RFID Sticker: 2pcs

RFID Key Tag: 2pcs

1.5V AA Alkaline Battery: 4 pcs

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