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Adel Digital Door Lock/ Airbnb Lock

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

ADEL Smart Lock/ US22

ADEL Digital Door Lock (for residential & office use)

Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

Pin Number Door Lock

Mobile Apps Door Lock

ADEL is the first company to launch the fingerprint door lock in the world. We have invented and implemented many advanced technology to our digital door lock. Now our door can be unlocked in many way, likes fingerprint, RFID card, pin number, mobile apps, Wi-Fi, remote control, etc.

For now, many of the residential units have been used for rent as homestay and Airbnb, it is quite an inconvenient task for the owner to pass the key to the guest during check-in and to collect the key during check-out. Therefore, the Wi-Fi Door Lock and Mobile Apps Door Lock can help to solve the problems.

Want to know more about our digital lock system? Kindly contact us for further clarification (0143622302).

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