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Safety is a choice you made

Terrada safe create a new value of "my own space" by providing a practical safe that can store your precious things to the all over the world's families and society. Leading the industry through digital, eco friendly advanced technology and optical management system. Contributing to humanity through company implementation that everyone wants to work. Terrada Safe has excellent fire resistance as proven in various fire cases, and it has been engraved in the hearts of our customers. Terrada Safe also easy and convenience usability. Starting with the first electronic lock safes in Japan, which have benefited from the brilliant and challenging spirit of Terrada Safe. It has the highest level of technology with continuous technology development, such as certification of SP-Certificated NT-Fire 017 60 paper. Safes and vaults are awarded a Grade for burglary resistance. The grading system is particularly important for insurance reasons, as the contents of a safe will only be insured for the correct value if the safe carries the appropriate grade. To grade a safe, a test must be carried out by an accredited institute. A combination of factors is taken into account including the size and effectiveness of the attack tool or tools used, the time taken and the skill of the person trying to break into the safe. The Fire Endurance test simulates the searing temperatures of a real office fire by heating a safe in a furnace to temperatures around 1000˚C. However, in reality, the contents of the safe must not only survive the fire itself, but also the period after a fire has been extinguished when the surrounding temperature is still enough to destroy the documents or digital media inside. That is why the test also involves a “cooling period” of several hours. If the contents remain protected during this period, then the safe passes the test.

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