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Home is where you gather with family. It’s a place where you feel sheltered and content. Our mission is to maximize your enjoyment of your house by offering a smart home solution tailored to your needs and your budget. We provide comfort and security so you have more quality time with your family. Let us make your house a home. We also offers a quality smart home system with customizable features to fit your needs. Automation sounds fun, but what does it really mean to you? Our easy to use modes can be customized to fit into your lifestyle, whatever it may be. Our specialty modes are just one simple way to use our system, but we can help you configure any combination of commands to fit your specific needs. Whether you are looking for safety or convenience, our systems are customized to fit you.Once it’s programmed, you don’t have to think about it anymore. The last piece of the puzzle is our user friendly app. Download a single app to your smartphone or tablet to put everything at your fingertips. We make all of your home modes, settings, and customizations accessible to you and your family with a simple app that is easy enough for everyone to use.


fibaro home center 2

Fibaro Home Center 2

Fibaro home center lite

Fibaro Home Center lite

vera edge

Vera Edge

global cache itach wf2ir


fibaro roller shutter

Fibaro Roller Shutter

fibaro door and window sensor

Fibaro Door and Window Sensor

motorise curtain rail

Motorise Curtain Rail



smart camera

Smart Camera

fibaro universal binary sensor

Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor

fibaro double replay switch

Fibaro Double Relay Switch

fibaro 3kw relay

Fibaro 3KW Relay

smart home confort

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you can finally sit down and breathe easy. A whole home solution system can make your home more relaxing and take away your worries. Quickly cool down an uncomfortable room by raising the air conditioning or flood a space with natural sunlight for that soothing environment you need to de-stress.

smart home lighting

Set the mood in your home with the perfect lighting. Our lighting system can be programmed for manual or automatic use. Morning mode slowly turns up the lights so getting up in the morning is easier. Goodnight mode turns off all lights and sets the alarm so you sleep more soundly. Control inside and outside lighting from your phone, making your home a safer place to come home to late at night.

smart home security

 A whole home solution can make your life easier. Set your morning coffee to turn on before you wake up. Have the lights turned on when you get home after work. Pre-program security alarms so you never have to think about safety issues. Our email and Smartphone notifications let you know whenever problems are detected. It’s all streamlined so nothing could be simpler.

smart home air conditioner

We can configure almost any air conditioning system with Infrared remote (IR) control technology. Sensors around your home will automatically adjust temperature to your comfort level. Automated shades can be set to work with your air conditioning system to block the sun and cool the home naturally. Get the added bonus of lower utility bills when you combine these systems to keep your home at one steady setting.

smart home monitor

Whether you’re working or traveling, you don’t have time to worry about what’s happening at home. With a wide array of features, applications, and benefits, a whole home solution gives you and your family full control. Easily manage your energy consumption to help lower bills. Get a live video feed on who is at the door and let them in with your cell phone.

smart home smoke sensor

Our security system is easy to use with features that give you and your family peace of mind. Motion sensors, door sensors, and window sensors all provide protection from intruders. Smoke sensors and flood sensors will help alert you and your family in emergency situations. Our system can send alerts right to your smartphone and the false alarm filter makes sure alarms aren’t triggered by children or pets.


Z-Wave Protocol

6:45am Wake Up

Imagine a day in a smart home

Fibaro Smart Home

You wake up with the sun rise. Home is letting gentle light into your bedroom.

8:00am Leaving House

Fibaro Smart Home

Before leaving you secure the house with one click.

6:30pm Home Theater

fibaro smarthome

You start the family movie night with one voice command.

4:30pm Coming Back Home

fibaro smart home

Temperature in the house is perfect on your arrival.

12:30pm Away From Home

fibaro smart home

You have your home under control thanks to smart sensors.

8:30pm Evening Ritual

fibaro smart home

You prepare kids for good nights. Perfect mood is already on.

9:30pm Watering the Garden

fibaro smart home

Watering the garden is adjusted to soil humidity.

10:30pm Goodnight Scene

fibaro smart home

Prepare the entire house for the night with one press of a button without leaving the bed.

Area To Use Smart Home

fibaro smart home


fibaro smart home


fibaro smart home

Smart HAC

fibaro smart home

Gates and Blind

fibaro smart home

Home Appliance

fibaro smart home


fibaro smart home

Smart Garden

fibaro smart home


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