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KABA EF180 Series

KABA EF180 Introduction

⚫ DESIGN : RIM Lock Type Series
⚫ ACCESS OPTION : Access Card / Pin Code

Designed to retrofit into the existing holes from a standard door, the EF180 can be transferred between different doors with ease, making it the perfect upgrade from mechanical to a digital door lock system. It is simple, safe and easy to use with proven secure reliability in the world market. The EF180 Rim Lock digital door lock provides the convenience of proximity card technology in a sleek and stylish designer look.

⚫ Digital touchpad design
⚫ Standard or double security access modes
⚫ Easy to operate and programming
⚫ Break-in and damage alarm
⚫ Enhanced security with Scramble code
features Automatic locking function
⚫ 2 colors for choice
⚫ Low battery power and malfunction alert
⚫ External power supply terminal and mechanical key override for emergency
⚫ Voice guide with volume control

⚫ RFID Card (up to 100 user cards)
⚫ Digital touchpad design
⚫ Easy registration of password and cards
⚫ Enhanced security with scramble code features
⚫ Single or double (pin + card) security entry
⚫ Free access or privacy mode selection
⚫ Wrong try lock-out delay
⚫ Voice guide with volume control
⚫ External 9V battery terminal for emergency use
⚫ Ultilizes only 4 batteries, up to 1 year (approx), 10 access a day
⚫ Low battery power alert


+60 14 3622 302 (Hot-Line)

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