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The World's Favorite Lock Since 1843

All over the world, people are actively securing all they care about; their home, their family, their personal belongings or their business with the name they trust the most, Yale. That’s why we proudly say that Yale is “the world’s favorite lock”. Yale is the brand behind locks of every design and function in over 125 countries. As one of the oldest international brands, today’s Yale is among the best-known and most respected names in the lock industry, with millions of Yale locks in use worldwide.


With Yale Digital Door Locks you are no longer limited to mechanical keys to unlock your front door. You have the option for quicker and more secured SMART keyless solution. We have combined our long experience in making secure and reliable locks with the latest technology for convenience and safety.

Yale SMART Digital Locks not only takes care of your security, but also your safety. An intelligent system of sensors can detect burglary, vandalism and fire, with the built-in-siren. In addition to this, Yale SMART Digital Locks can actually enhance the appearance of your door while securing it at the same time.

Yale digital door locks bring you keyless convenience to unlock your door. Choose from the latest in digital door locking technology – fingerprint, RFID card or keypad – to open your door. Each offers an immediate door opening solution and adds simplicity to your lifestyle. These digital door locks can also be paired with alarms to offer additional security from burglary, vandalism and fire. Combining cutting-edge technology with practical reliability, Yale digital door locks are the future of door locks.

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