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TESA Restricted Key TK6 / Master Key (Kuala Lumpur)

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Unique keyway design to meet most sophisticated situations and application. The dimple cylinder is highly recommended and perfect solution for commercial and high end residential applications. Cylinder are available within a choice of keying system to meet the degree of security desired for the facility requirement.

Restricted key systems are highly secure as the keys can only be duplicated by the owner or an authorized person. New keys can only be cut by the designer of the lock thus ensuring your safety is never compromised.

The keys to a restricted security system are unique and intricate in design making it much more difficult to pick the lock. Keys to a standard key system cannot access the locks of a restricted one as the designs are way different. The owner owns the keys to the restricted key systems and a duplicate can only be made by the master locksmith.

A unique design for your security system locks ensures that each time a duplicate is made. Your consent is a necessity.

With this arrangement, the owner is aware of the number of keys that the locksmith cut, when they were cut and to whom they were given. The master locksmith will also ensure that the design is maintained in each copy made.

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