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Bosch FU780 Series

Bosch FU780 Introduction

⚫ DESIGN : Push-Pull Series
⚫ ACCESS OPTION : Fingerprint / Override Key / Access Card / Pin Code / Key Tag

Welcome the world's first full panel design with facial recognition so opening a door will never be the same again. This model features a fully automatic triple security locking system, paired with a hardened titanium alloy and tempered glass panel for an extra strong and stylish finish.
Unlocks with a glance thanks to facial recognition with rapid identification and false image rejection. Furthermore, you never have to fear the night thanks to the built-in infrared imaging that functions even in low-light conditions.

⚫ Semiconductor Fingerprint Sensor ( Can register up to 100 fingerprints )
⚫ Code Access
⚫ Smart Touchpad
⚫ Anti-Panic Design
⚫ Push-Pull Lock System
⚫ Triple Security lock Case
⚫ Physical Key Alert
⚫ Panel & Handle Anti-Prying Alarm
⚫ USB Emergency Power Supply
⚫ Battery Power Supply
⚫ Fake Pin Code
⚫ Voice Assistant
⚫ Physical Key
⚫ Key Tag


+60 14 3622 302 (Hot-Line)

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