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We are the exclusive service provider for ADEL DIGITAL DOOR LOCK which supply for numerous building in Kuala Lumpur such as, KL SOHO, SKY SUITE, VORTEX, QUADRO, VIPOD, OVAL, STAR RESIDENCE and etc. We have find out a lot of customer who are using this lock will always facing the same problem that battery leakage or key in the password or fingerprint but the lock doesn't works and some are facing the emergency situation which can't enter in the house. Thus, we are here to offer 24 hours emergency for you. Instead of changing new set of lock, we do offer repairing the lock as we have the spare part. Kindly contact or whatsapp us through this hotline +60143622302 for any emergency locksmith service. 

Adel digital door lock consists of SIRIM, BSI, UL and CE certificate approved by bomba. US made PCB and sensor which qualified with US standard mortise. 5 latches, deadbolt and parts inside are made of stainless steel. stainless steel deadbolt can last for up to 20 years, which is 5 times longer than zinc alloy made mortise. Surface processing: protected by electro-coating technology from japan to prevent the electronic parts of the mortise from damaged or malfunctioning caused by erosion. Motor adopted the motor from Japan to ensure the performance and durability. The cable employing the international standard PC cable. The chip inside enable the energy saver to recognize the information of Milfare card such as room number and valid operating hours, it can prevent the power supply being activated by name card, paper or any other card. This can also prevent the hotel staff from occupying the room.